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Forgiven (2011)


95 min.


Starring: Alan Autry, David Hart, James W. Tuck , Kimberlee Autry
Directed by: Alan Autry
Produced by: Alan Autry, Paul Quinn
Written by: Alan Autry, Greg Gray
It’s 1878 and Jake Kincaid has just been released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit.

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It’s 1878 and Jake Kincaid has just been released from prison for a crime he didn’t commit. His heart is seeking vengeance on those responsible for landing him in jail, but he’s also very interested in finding the gold he was accused of stealing. In his quest, Kincaid finds himself in the small lumber town of Fairplay, California. Here he meets an independent woman trying to do it all on her own, and a mischievous little girl with a quest of her own – finding something to fill her lonely heart. Fairplay is where Kincaid learns that love is far more powerful than hate and that redemption is more precious than gold. Starring Alan Autry and David Hart (“In the Heat of the Night”), “Forgiven” is Autry’s directorial debut and a western the whole family can enjoy.

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  • Comment Link Sunday, 29 December 2013 15:14 posted by Mike Febles

    A Western, Suitable for all ages. The action remained throughout the movie and the quality of video shoot looked good. Good story line. No swearing or inappropriate content. I will look for more movies like this that are free of crude content.

  • Comment Link Tuesday, 01 January 2013 00:00 posted by Eddie Vee

    I don't remember ever seeing a Christian western before. It was great! It was also great seeing two of my favorite cops from Heat of the Night. Thanks for producing a movie in a Western that had a Christian theme. Message wasn't strong but I was looking for entertainment more than a sermon.

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