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Rust (2010)


90 min.


Starring: Corbin Bernsen, Frank Gall, Lloyd Warner, Audrey Lynn Tennent, Kirsten Collins, John Hutchinson, Chesney Caswell, Judith Davies, Cavan Cunningham
Directed by: Corbin Bernsen
Produced by: Corbin Bernsen
Written by: Corbin Bernsen
As a midlife crisis of faith rocks his life's calling, former minister Jimmy Moore returns to his small hometown to find it reeling from a recent tragedy. Can he get to the bottom of this mysterious f

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As a midlife crisis of faith rocks his life's calling, longtime minister James Moore (Corbin Bernsen of "L.A. Law" fame) leaves his pastorate and returns to the place he called home half-a-lifetime ago. Very little has changed in the small farming town ... except for everything that he has ever known. Jimmy's return coincides with the community attempting to heal from a recent tragic fire that killed an entire family and placed Jimmy's best childhood friend in a psychiatric prison as the presumed culprit. While Jimmy doesn't believe that Travis could be responsible for such a heinous crime, the local sheriff—another boyhood friend—is convinced they have the guilty party. Case closed. In addition, Jimmy's elderly father wants nothing to do with his prodigal son. His sister is struggling with her disintegrated marriage. His nephew's generation seems lost and adrift. And the friends he left decades ago are whispering about why in heaven's name he would come back home. Then there's his waning belief. Jimmy's pastoral mentor challenges him to not lose faith, but that counsel might be coming too late. How, Jimmy wonders, can he put his faith in a God that doesn't respond to his heart's cries? Now, Jimmy must decide if he's willing to tackle seemingly insurmountable odds to prove that his instincts are correct about Travis' innocence. When no one is willing to help, will he run away from the challenge—just as he's always done, according to his disappointed father? Corbin Bernsen brings a very personal film to life with RUST, a mystery of faith. The Hollywood veteran wrote, directed, and starred in the film, which he dedicated to his late father. Filmed on location in Kipling, Saskatchewan, RUST features real-life, small-town Canadians in key roles. Will any good come from the ashes of this tragedy? When things look their bleakest, Travis reminds Jimmy that, "God has His plan ... you should know that better than anyone." A unique story of friendship and calling, Rust is a mystery that will leave you seeking the power of grace, the beauty in sacrifice, and the hope of faith renewed.

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