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A Flight to the Finish - Adventures in Odyssey

A Flight to the Finish - Adventures in Odyssey


30 min.


Starring: Hal Smith,Aeryk Egan,Leo DeLyon,Will Ryan,Cleve Coones,Phil Lollar,Chris Anthony
Directed by: Ken C. Johnsonu00a0andu00a0Mike Joens
Produced by: Mike Joensu00a0andu00a0Ken C. Johnson
Written by: Don Goodmanu00a0andu00a0Ken C. Johnson
The Tri-County Junior Grand Prix has come to Odyssey, and Dylan Taylor and his dog, Sherman, are ready to put the wheel to the road! Taunted by their new neighbor - Holly Ferguson and her mischi

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After being ridiculed by their new neighbors, Holly Ferguson and her mischievous cat Jasper, Dylan and his dogSherman are determined to beat them in the Tri-County Junior Grand Prix.When Dylan's car explodes into action, and Holly's car careens out of control, Dylan faces a dilemma. He can help Holly or win the race. When he chooses to save Holly, she goes on to win the race and Dylan and Sherman end up in the hospital. In the end Holly gives her trophy to Dylan, and they become friends

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  • Comment Link Saturday, 18 July 2009 08:42 posted by James V

    A good lesson in lovng your enemy. When Holly wins a race against Dillan after crashing into him and sending him to the hospital, she decides she doesn't deserve the trophy. She visits him, and gives him the trophy.

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