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A Fine Feathered Frenzy - Adventures in Odyssey

A Fine Feathered Frenzy - Adventures in Odyssey


30 min.


Starring: Hal Smith,Victor DiMattia,Phil Lollar,Will Ryan,Janna Michaels,June Foray
Directed by: Ken C. Johnson,Mike Joens
Produced by: Ken C. Johnson
Written by: Ken C. Johnson,Mike Joens
A garden tool with an appetite for destruction throws young Dylan Taylor headlong into adventure. After mowing down Evelyn Harcourt's rose garden, he's forced to pay the consequences - which includ

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Dylan Taylor accidentally sets Whit's lawnmower on a path of destruction that includes Evelyn Harcourt's rose garden. Whit and Dylan try to apologize, but because of past bad experiences with Whit, Mrs. Harcourt is unable to forgive or trust them.Later that night, while helping his sister Jesse memorize a Bible verse, Dylan realizes he must try to make it up to Mrs. Harcourt.To make up for the damage he has done, Mrs. Harcourt instructs Dylan to perform several tasks around her house while she is away, including babysitting her prize parrot, Napoleon, who is the only family she has left since her family is gone an Napoleon's mate, Josephine, disappeared previously. Dylan accomplishes all of his tasks easily, until it comes time to feed and water Napoleon. The bird escapes from his cage, and as Dylan tries to catch him, Whit, who has come to apologize again to Mrs. Harcourt, accidentally lets Napoleon out the front door. Whit, Dylan, and Eugene Meltsner scour Odyssey for the next three hours, trying to find Napoleon before Mrs. Harcourt returns. They locate Napoleon on the clock tower with his mate, Josephine, and a nest of eggs. Risking life and limb, they retrieve the birds and are waiting for Mrs. Harcourt when she returns. Mrs. Harcourt is grateful and very impressed with how responsible Dylan is

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  • Comment Link Saturday, 01 February 2003 06:59 posted by Dave

    This video is the third in the series from Focus on the Family's Adventures in Odyssey. A Fine-Feathered Frenzy tells how young Dylan Taylor disobeys Mr. Whittaker, and pays highly for his wrong. The lawn mower he wasn't supposed to touch goes out of control and demolishes the grouchy Mrs. Harcourt's prize roses. Dylan attempts to help right his wrongs by baby-sitting Mrs. Harcourt's house and prize parrot for a day while she takes a trip. When, purely by accident, the parrot escapes, Dylan risks everything to recover the bird and prove his responsibility to Mrs. Harcourt.The video is entertaining, family friendly, and lots of fun. Go for it.

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