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A Stranger Among Us - Adventures in Odyssey


30 min.


Starring: Hal Smith,Victor DiMattia,Phil Lollar,Will Ryan,Janna Michaels,June Foray
Directed by: Ken C. Johnson,Mike Joens
Produced by: Ken C. Johnson
Written by: Ken C. Johnson,Mike Joens
Mystery?! Well, it shouldn't be, but Connie and Dylan Taylor have gotten caught up in a mystery movie and suddenly every visitor to Whit's End looks suspicious to them. There are laughs and chills gal

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Connie, Dylan and Eugene are alone at Whit's End while Whit is stranded outside of Odyssey during a storm. Dylan and Connie are watching a horror movie on TV, despite that fact that Eugene warns them that they should be careful about what is put in their minds. A news bulletin alerts them that a convict has escaped from Connellsville Penitentiary, and when stranded travelers stop at Whit's End for shelter, all three of them get carried away with fear. When it appears that one of the travelers, Mr. Smith, has been murdered by the other, Mr. Burnbaum, and Connie seems to disappear, they assume he is the fugitive and Eugene sets off in a mad pursuit when Mr. Burnbaum flees. When he got back, Whit makes Dylan, Eugene, and Connie work overtime to make up for the damage they have done and reminds them to beware of the kind of material they put in their minds.

1 comment

  • Comment Link Wednesday, 02 January 2013 02:22 posted by E. Chiles

    Tells a story concerning a part of the bible. Children love it.

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