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A Twist in Time - Adventures in Odyssey


30 min.


Starring: Will Ryan,Kyle Gibson,Paul Herlinger
Directed by: Robert Vernon,Steve Stiles
Produced by: Robert Vernon,Steve Stiles,Kurt Bruner
Written by: Steve Stiles
Whit is working on a secret new invention - but Dylan Taylor and his friend, Sal Martinez, can't stand the suspense of not knowing what it is. When they disregard Whit's instructions and sneak into hi

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Whit is working on a secret new invention in the basement of Whit's End. Though he tells Dylan to keep away from it, Dylan and Sal Martinez can't resist taking a peek. While trying to hide from Eugene, they inadvertently turn the contraption on and upon emerging find themselves in the year 2047, with Whit's End in shambles, about to be demolished by its new owner, Fontaine Enterprises. Only Eugene, now a very old man, is left as caretaker. When Eugene shows the boys a videotaped message from Whit, now long gone, which shows them how worried everyone was about their disappearance, they decide that they must right the wrongs set in motion by their disobedience. The boys learn that all of our actions have consequences and that it is best to obey, even when we don't understand.

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  • Comment Link Friday, 11 January 2013 01:14 posted by Missy B

    I teach in a Christian preschool and we have the entire Adventures in Odyssey series in our library. These videos are by far the favorites of our preschoolers. They are full of adventure, excitement, drama and fantasy. But most of all, they teach the children valuable lessons about life. All in half an hour!! What could be better than that?

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