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Shadow of a Doubt - Adventures in Odyssey


30 min.


Starring: Hal Smith,Victor DiMattia,Phil Lollar,Will Ryan,
Directed by: Ken C. Johnson,Mike Joens
Produced by: Ken C. Johnson,Mike Joens
Written by: Ken C. Johnson,Mike Joens
Precious gems unearthed behind Whit's End. Incriminating film from a surveillance camera. A soda glass found at the scene of the crime - with fingerprints! The evidence against Whit is overwhelming. B

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There's a burglar terrorizing Odyssey. He looks a lot like John Avery Whittaker. When precious gems are unearthed behind Whit's End, and an incriminating film from a surveillance camera is found, the evidence against Whit is overwhelming. But Dylan isn't so sure. When he sets out to prove Whit's innocence, he finds the true burglar and his many disguises. Dylan and his dog, Sherman, race to outwit the burglar and prove Whit is not guilty before the jury episode teaches children the importance of faith and friendship.

1 comment

  • Comment Link Saturday, 16 February 2013 04:47 posted by Karla Taylor

    Can't wait to watch more! These are fantastic! I wish all the old radio episodes were available in DVD format.

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