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Once Upon an Avalanche - Adventures in Odyssey


30 min.


Starring: Hal Smith,Victor DiMattia,Janna Michaels,Will Ryan,Theo Borders
Directed by: Robert Vernon,Steve Stiles
Produced by: Robert Vernon
Written by: Paul McCusker
Excitement is in the air as Odyssey's Junior Woodscouts settle into Camp What-a-Nut for their winter retreat. But when Jesse Taylor wanders over from the girls' camp to give Dylan a fright, he's deter

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Odyssey's Junior Woodscouts are at Camp What-a-Nut for their winter retreat. As Eugene terrorizes the boys with a tale about Hatchet Jack, Jesse wanders over from the girls' camp and gives the boys a scare. Jesse only wanted to give Dylan his toothbrush, but he's so embarrassed by his little sister that he's determined to teach her a lesson she'll never forget.The next day, Eugene leads the boys on a hike to Lookout Point, warning them to stay nearby, but Dylan and Carter head off to pretend they are Olympic bobsledders. When Jesse's sudden appearance causes the boys to crash on their sled, Dylan is further humiliated and decides to take Jesse on the ride of her life, which sends the kids on a hair-raising toboggan ride that plunges them right into Avalanche Canyon.While Eugene and Sherman attempt to rescue the trio, Dylan, Jesse, and Carter settle in for a long, cold night in the wilderness. Still bugged by his little sister, Dylan refuses to cooperate with her, but when an avalanche separates the three children, he makes a vow to God that he will be nice to her from now on if only she is found.

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  • Comment Link Tuesday, 09 February 2010 07:15 posted by Evan M. Stewart

    The Odyssey animated shows are entertaining and full of wholesome value. You cannot go wrong with Odyssey.

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