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Electric Christmas - Adventures in Odyssey

Electric Christmas - Adventures in Odyssey


30 min.


Starring: Jack Lester,Victor DiMattia,Will Ryan,Phil Lollar,June Foray
Directed by: Robert Vernon,Steve Stiles
Produced by: Robert Vernon
Written by: Steve Stiles
It's Christmastime, and all Dylan Taylor wants is an XR-7 limited edition speedster. However, his hopes are zapped when he discovers its extravagant price tag would overload the family budget. That is

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Dylan and Jesse Taylor have gone to downtown Odyssey to shop for Christmas presents. As Dylan is complaining about the greed and commercialism that is taking over Christmas, he brushes off a small boy who is selling something to raise money for camp. Jessie shows Dylan the cordless razor she wants to buy for their dad, but Dylan is struck by the sight of an XR-7 limited edition speedster bicycle.Later, at Whit's End, Dylan draws the name of Matt Williamson in the Angel Tree drawing and agrees to buy him a bike helmet for Christmas. He tries to convince his dad that he needs the XR-7 for Christmas, but Mr. Taylor tells him it is just too expensive for their budget. When Dylan learns that the XR-7 is the grand prize of the Christmas yard decorating contest, he decides to enter.As Dylan and Jessie set up a simple manger scene, Doug, the neighborhood bully next door sets up an extravaganza. Intimidated by Doug, Dylan, who was originally disgusted by the crass commercialism, tries to brighten up his display with lights and gadgets, creating a display to rival Doug's 2 T-Rexes and Elvis snow sculptures. Mr. Taylor tries to caution Doug, to no avail, and Dylan is so distracted by the contest that he lets Whit down by forgetting his Angel Tree gift, though he assures Whit that he will come through in the end.The rivalry intensifies as the boys sabotage one another's displays, and comes to a crashing halt as a cat inadvertently causes the destruction of both displays, leaving only the simple manger scene they had begun with, just as the judges arrive. as Jessie sings "Silent Night," Dylan is reminded of the real meaning of Christmas. The grand prize is awarded to Jessie, who unselfishly gives it to Dylan. When he admits he doesn't deserve it, Jessie agrees, but reminds him that that is what Christmas is all about: God gave us the gift of His Son, even though we didn't deserve it.

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  • Comment Link Wednesday, 30 November -0001 00:00 posted by MommaJoy

    This is my absolute favorite Odyessy movie! Filled with all the antics of Dylan, Jessie, Whit and our favorite characters. This dvd teaches a wonderful lesson on the "true spirit" of Christmas, which doesn't include the overdone santa claus. It is fun and charming. It will give you the warm Christmas fuzzies when you watch it with your kids!

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