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What do we offer?

  • Access to thousands of faith and family-friendly movies and videos through our DVD delivery service, and soon via Internet streaming, subscriptionBlu-rays, and Local Kiosk Pickup as well

  • Unique and simple rating system designed to let you know what type of content to expect before you watch it

  • Ability to rate and comment on movies, and view recommendations from our growing family of like minded viewers

  • Easiest parental controls in the world, which make it super convenient to view only Biblical or age-appropriate content

  • Multiple subscription plan options to fit any budget

  • Advanced search capabilities that allow you to discover even more family-friendly entertainment

  • Access to many non-religious themed titles as well (as long as they fit our standards of faith or family-friendly content), making us your one stop for all your family’s information and entertainment needs

  • Convenient links to other faith-friendly entertainment websites with more information if desired, including direct links to specific descriptions of content that might be objectionable

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