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More Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why have a rating system if you only offer movies of a faith-focused or family-friendly nature?

A: We believe that even though we have curated a collection of titles that meet our standards of being faith-focused and/or family friendly, we think you should have the final call on what you find acceptable for you and your family to watch, based on your unique values and beliefs.

For example, we believe that it is possible for grown adults to watch movies that might be disturbing or confusing for younger audiences, so long as they do not contradict your personal values and standards.

Because of this, we feel that you should have a right to know what to expect, to what degree, and be able to set controls to limit the content to only what you deem appropriate. We aim to give you the peace of mind that comes with setting the access level for your own browsing—and even allowing your kids to browse our site with the confidence that they can only access content you have allowed.

Q: How are your ratings determined?

A: We consulted a variety of organizations to get industry feedback on content for most of our movies, including The Dove Foundation, Kids in Mind, ParentsTV, Common Sense Media, and Plugged In (Focus on the Family).  We use a secret formula to combine and adjust ratings from all of these sites to get a rating that we think will be appropriate for values-minded adults and children to accurately understand the contents of a movie before deciding on whether or not they will be able to watch it.  The Plugged in and Dove websites are oriented toward Christian audiences, while Kids in Mind, ParentsTV, and Common Sense are more secular.  

One important difference between the ratings used by these sites and ours is the fact that we are a website for all ages, while they have historically been more interested in gauging the appropriateness for children.  This is why we may approve movies that Dove and the others have not approved for All Ages.  

Q: Are there other membership plans available?

A: We will be continually adding plans and services such as streaming, kiosk pick up, and Blu-ray format to improve our company and increase your satisfaction.  We want to give our customers as much access to our content as possible while ensuring the best possible world class experience.  

We will soon be offering budget plans that include only 2 or 3 DVDs per month for under $10.00 all the way up to unlimited streaming and DVD plans with up to 8 DVDs at a time delivered to your mailbox, so you always have a shelf full of options.  Pricing for these plans will be set at competitive market rates.

 Q: When will my favorite content be available for streaming?

A: We are working tirelessly to acquire the rights to the best faith-based and values-friendly content available. After we have signed up enough customers, we will be able to procure these titles and licensing agreements so we can offer you the best user experience and continue to be your one-stop shop for all of your and your family’s entertainment needs.  We anticipate signing final contracts over the course of the summer.  Please continue to check the streaming tab for updates on our growing streaming catalog!

Q: What type of computer do I need to stream video content?

A: For the initial rollout, any PC, Mac, or mobile device that can view Adobe Flash videos will be supported.

Q: How are the DVDs distributed?

A: DVDs are distributed from a network of Morningstar warehouses around the country.  Our network is comprised of individuals and organizations that want to deliver family-friendly and faith-focused entertainment to you with top notch customer service and speed.  Your DVDs will be shipped from and returned to a location closest to your shipping address, giving you the speed of service you expect from a high quality DVD subscription service.  (Coming Soon: Streaming service and kiosk pick up)

Q: Are there franchise opportunities available with Morningstar Video? (Can I buy stock in Morningstar Video?)

A: Not exactly.  But...

We are currently expanding our network of kiosk owners and distributors nationwide.  We are looking for dedicated entrepreneurs and organizations to help expand our distribution and get DVDs out to families quicker and more conveniently than ever as we grow.  

This represents a unique opportunity for you to get involved at the ground-level of our organization and change the world through offering family-friendly and faith-based content to other like-minded families and individuals.

We are in search of values-driven individuals (or organizations) who  are interested in being part of our distribution network.  

For an initial investment of $23,000, MorningStar Video will provide you or your organization with a fully stocked, configured, and installed kiosk. You will also get:

  • Active help finding a location and negotiating placement contracts
  • Our revolutionary software including user friendly ratings and content descriptors on your kiosk
  • Integration with Morningstar Video website allowing users to reserve movies online for same day pick-up
  • Access to our state of the art online software for management and monitoring of your inventory
  • Close co-ordination with our marketing department to ensure you have the latest promoted and most popular DVDs in stock
  • pay per DVD rented
  • 100% technical support 24/7


For $15,000 we will supply all of the materials and inventory (including thousands of DVD titles) necessary to become a fully operational distribution warehouse, and in turn, you earn money for every DVD you ship.  

 With your investment, you will receive:

  • Initial inventory of DVDs we offer on that would be ready to ship to customers in your area
  • All required equipment including computers, DVD burner, printer, etc.
  • Shipping and postage materials necessary for shipping the DVDs
  • Marketing materials and templates you can use to promote subscription sign-ups in your area
  • Your inventory and equipment is yours to own, but we will have first rights to buy back or transfer to another warehouse at cost if you choose to liquidate.
  • One-on-one training with the executive team to get you up to speed on process, procedure, handling customer questions and concerns, and marketing.  
  • We handle the technical stuff, and you just serve your area and grow your business.  Earn as much money as you want by expanding as large as you want to be!  Huge growth opportunity!

Q: What are the perks of investing with Morningstar Video?

  • Playing a role at growing Morningstar Video into the largest faith-focused entertainment hub in the country

  • Delivering an excellent customer experience to users who will in turn help you grow your business

  • Low investment compared to other business franchise options and the huge potential upside

  • Work from home opportunity

  • Put as much or as little effort in as you like, so long as you meet our minimum quality and service standards

  • Great moneymaker for home school families, churches, or school fundraising

  • Unlimited upside potential- the more DVDs you mail, the more you earn

For more information, please send inquiries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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