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How does My Morningstar Queue work?

On your shoulders we can be free to deliver the best movies to you... if you join us and add them to your Queue.  

Your queue is a list of all the movies you want us to send you.  You will see videos in the queue with a priority number, which you can set to whatever you want.

We will ship the number 1 item first, then number 2, until we have shipped your maximum items to you at the same time.  If it is shipped from our warehouse, the priority will say "Item Shipped!"

If an item is out of stock, we will place it on backorder and skip to the next item in your queue.  We will also order out of stock items in your queue based on priority, so we should always have a DVD available and ship it immediately after receiving your DVD back - if you always keep several items in your queue.

We will delete a movie from your queue once you have returned it and we receive it.  

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