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How does it work?

 "Morningstar Video - Log In and Check it Out Wake the Neighbors and Get the Word Out"

Morningstar Video operates very similarly to other popular subscription DVD and internet streaming services.  It is very easy to configure and use.

  1. Simply go to and browse the thousands of titles we have made available to you.

  2. Select the titles you would like to have sent to your home.  We will send you the maximum amount of DVDs allowed based on the plan you selected

  3. Wait for your DVDs to arrive in the mail

  4. Enjoy your family and faith-friendly entertainment

  5. Return the DVDs you have already watched to us in the postage paid envelope we have included for you

  6. Expect the next items in your queue to be mailed out as soon as we get any of your videos back! 

    (Streaming and Kiosk service will be rolled out within the next few months) 



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